swimming update

When I started this blog my aim was to make the swimming posts a common feature, but since moving to Aberdeen joining the swim team is proving to be a long process so I've had to keep busy in the gym and with yoga. Hopefully I'll be back in the pool again soon, but to keep thing ticking along heres the last session I did a couple of weeks ago.

It was a pretty good session if I do say so myself, did a total of 2250m with a couple of bits in to try push my stamina a bit. I could spend a fair bit of time just swimming up and down but I really wanted to get the heart rate up a bit.

400m warm up

4x100 as 50kick, 50 pull
50 scull

8x50 rolling IM (the last length of fly just about killed me on this one)
50 scull

3x100 as 25max, 75 easy (its much harder than it sounds. you just want to stop after the 25)
50 scull

200 breast kick (This is a bit of a random addition to the session but I had been having an issue with my hips, don't know if it was something I did in the gym, this helped to open them up)

400 cool down
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