Back in the water

I can't even remember learning how to swim, as far as I'm concerned i've always been able to do it. I do remember the occasional lesson such as the one where I lost a tooth at the bottom of the pool, but I don't actually remember the swimming.

After some time away from swimming myself I recently gave it a go again, and let me tell you getting back in the pool is tough! Even if you think you're fit I challenge you to get in a pool and swim. My first session back consisted of the following:
This is exactly what I looked like and it
was only a 25!

300m choice swim for warm up
3x200m freestyle (1.drill 2.kick 3.swim)
6x50 backstroke (my least favourite stroke!)

2x100m IM
4x25m fly
100m swim down

Thats only a total of 1600m! now personally I don't think thats too great but I can tell you my body completely disagreed. I was in agony after but it was nothing a good yoga session couldn't fix.

I can say it was completely worth it, theres nothing quite like a good swim session to relax the mind and body.

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