It's almost Christmas!

Anyone else feel like this year had just passed too quickly?! It's been a whole year since I moved back to Edinburgh and my its been quite a year, more on that another time I think.

For now its time to start getting excited for christmas, and this weekend was the beginning of the festive season for me. We had our christmas night out on Saturday at Gusto in George Street; I've been before but last night was just fantastic.

Nothing makes you sleep better than some good food and a few drinks and it was just as well as today was set aside for a bit of a winter clean and various christmas activities.
I found my gingerbread people and added a few other christmas touches to my bedroom. Unfortunately I can't take any credit for the tree decoration, I'm convinced I would smash the baubles, so I just sat back and let mum work her magic.

I also seem to be super organised this year as I have almost completely finished my christmas shopping, just a couple of little extras I need to get so I took advantage of my quite day and wrote out all my cards and started wrapping presents.

I am so excited for christmas, its my favourite time of the year!
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