I'm back

I have been so bad for writing posts lately and although I've not been blogging for long I was really beginning to miss it. The reason I started this blog was to keep track of the good things in life and the things that make me happy and I've been doing a terrible job!  To make up for it today I thought I'd share this drawing that one of the kids at the pool did.

I had a really busy day and when I got to the pool a sister of one of my swimmers was hanging around on poolside and to keep her distracted I got her to 'help' by writing on the white board. I left her alone for 10 mins and came back to this drawing she was doing of all the swimming coaches.

It's such a simple thing but it made my day I just thought it was so cute! Its always nice when the kids do things like this, I like to think its their way of showing their appreciation, I could be way off on that though!

Anyway I'm planning on trying to stick to a plan for some future posts on here, particularly swimming related ones as that is clearly something that brings me joy.

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