A Weekend In Geneva

I can't believe I haven't posted in a month! its crazy how time flies. Between work, swimming and the  crazy world of 'modern dating' I haven't found a lot of time for writing. So its time for a catch up.

A few months ago one of my friends from school told me he was getting married, I just thought 'this cannot be happening! We can't be old enough for this, it felt like only yesterday that homework and what we were going to do at the weekend were the most important things in my life'. Having said that I couldn't be happier for him and I was so excited to be invited to the wedding and get a chance to see him again.

Anyway after months of anticipation I packed my case, grabbed my passport and headed for the airport. A couple of hours later I landed in hot sweaty Geneva, it was so stuffy, I couldn't wait to drop my stuff off, get changed and head to the lake to cool off.

Just as we jumped off the bus the wind picked up which we thought would make for an interesting boat ride. That was until the thunder and lightening joined in and we saw the coast guards heading out to round up all the boaters and swimmers since apparently it wasn't safe.

We grabbed ourselves a seat under a tree to shelter from the rain that had decided to join the party and soak us through. We enjoyed a wee drink under our tree before rethinking our bad choice of shelter and decided to head back to the house. After dinner we grabbed a few drinks and played some classic card games.

The next day was wedding day! Everyone was up so early, running around crazy putting the finishing touches on everything. Just look at this adorable cake, I love the topper a chain to tie the bride and groom together!

With all the running around we just managed to get ready in time to head to the ceremony. It was beautiful, no photos to share of this, I was too busy resisting the tears but I'm sure there are some lovely snaps to come from the photographer.

We spent the rest of the day as you should eating, dancing, drinking champagne and getting to know all the friends and family.

After the long day of celebrations we all slept so well and enjoyed a lie in before making a second attempt at a trip to the lake. It was way too cold for a swim for those of use who had any common sense, but for those lacking it certainly cured their hangovers! Although the sensible sober people found ourselves in charge of the pedalling, which is fine to start with but 2 hours is possibly a bit too much.

It was such a nice way to spend the last full day in Geneva, its hard to beat some calm water, a cool breeze and good friends. It was hard to say goodbye but weekends like that make me realise how amazing my friends are and no matter how many years we spend apart, when we finally see each other again its like no time has passed.


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