And so it begins...

As you know I have been swimming with my local masters club recently which I'm really enjoying, unfortunately I haven't been going quite so much recently but life has been getting in the way as per usual! I make sure I get in the pool at least once a week although thats about to change. Last Friday was our first coached session in the build up to the swimming competition in November.

I haven't put my entries in yet, still trying to decide what to swim but this will be the first competition I have done since 2008 and I'm probably slower that what I was back the. I just think its going to be good fun, and even if I do terribly we'll have a great time as a team.

Sadly this is not the pool, this was the Commonwealth Games last year.

I honestly don't know what our coach was thinking there was too much fly for our first session! I won't share the whole thing just the killer set which I actually really enjoyed after it was over.

25 fly, 50 fly/back, 75 fly/back/breast, 100 IM, 100 reverse IM, 75 fc/breast/back, 50 fc/breast, 25 fc

As if doing that once wasn't bad enough we had to run through it twice, the first time it was all kick, the second all swim.

I don't think I have ever been quite so desperate to get to bed after a swim session. I suppose its a good thing though cause hopefully if we keep this up I won't embarrass myself too much at the competition.
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