Lazy Sunday

Since moving to Aberdeen 4 weeks ago I have filled every day with things to do. Yes, most of those days have been work but even my 2 days off a week I have managed to fill with trips to the movies, food and friends. So yesterday I decided to have a day to myself, while it was rather uneventful sometimes it is good to have only yourself for company, if nothing else it gives me some time to reflect.

I started my day rather lazily with a nice mug of coffee and a pain au chocolat, while having a little Pinterest session and catching up on the world of instagram. By the time I was fully awake it much have been around 9.30, I had things to do in town but nothing opened til 11, so it was the perfect opportunity to get in a little yoga session.

Feeling nice and relaxed I got ready to head into town just as the rain came on, typical! Stop number one was boots, to pick up my glasses.
I don't know about you but I think they make me look rather sophisticated! Moving on..... I had planned on heading to the beach but of course the typical Scottish weather had other plans. So I grabbed myself a quiet table in Starbucks and ordered the mandatory caramel macchiato and prepared to get lost in my own little world. I only stayed an hour or so but I was completely in the zone doing some writing. 

I decided it was time to give up my table as it was starting to get a little busier, and I headed for home.

The majority of the afternoon was spent relaxing and also tidying up my room, its amazing how quickly I can make somewhere so messy! It was quite therapeutic really. I found a few postcards lying around that I had to use for decoration so sorted them out and before I knew it, my stomach was telling me it was time to eat.

I also had a planned Skype date with my gran as I hadn't spoken to her in 3 weeks! We're pretty close so thats a really long time for us, but it was good to see her and catch up and we're hoping to plan a day together even though it might not be for a while. I love showing her the places I love to visit cause she always loves them too.

So all in all I had a pretty good day, just goes to show that sometimes there is nothing wrong with having a day by yourself. We do not have to be out and doing something 'sociable' all the time, there is a lot to be said for being happy with your own company.
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