Time with friends

I think the best thing about being back in Aberdeen is the fact that I have friends here that are always more than happy to have a good catch up. This past week was perhaps one of my favourite days. It was lovely and sunny so I met a friend for coffee at the cup which is an adorable little cafe just off Belmont street. Be prepared for a few posts about this place because I will be going there a lot! On this occasion I had a cappuccino and I fancied a little something sweet so wandered up to the counter to take a look. Thats when I spotted my favourite treat of all.....macarons piled up on a cake stand! So of course thats what I ordered, but I did not expect them coming to the table like this:
I think 4 may have been slightly excessive, but they were pretty good so of course I gobbled them all up. 

After a good long chat we headed out into the sunshine before I was tempted to order anything else. We had a little wander in a couple of shops before taking a trip to Rubislaw to look at all the big fancy houses and imagine we lived there.

It was such a lovely day and time seemed to fly by! I'm now looking forward to some more adventures and maybe i'll even try another coffee shop.

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