Some new skin care favourites

I'm pretty lucky as far as complection goes, by no means do I have perfect skin, but I very rarely have any huge spots to cover up. So although I wear make up almost everyday its very light which I think helps keep my skin in pretty good condition. Although when it comes to skin care I can be pretty lazy and with the weather turning pretty cold over the last couple of weeks I'm finding that I need to pay a little more attention to my daily routine. I have recently swapped some of my go to facial products and apparently its making a difference....or so my Granny said! Here are a few of my current favourites:

Micellar Water: ok yes this was one of those things that people were blogging about and it sounded good so I just had to try it and personally I think it is as good as what I've read about it. I like to use it when I get in from work to take off my make up, it helps me to feel refreshed after a long day.

Exfoliating new cell scrub: I probably use this twice a week at the moment to help clean out my pores. It always leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Gentle Cleanser: This is probably my favourite of my current go to products, it is quite a light cleanser, doesn't go on your skin too thick but it definitely does the trick.

Gentle moisturizer: I've been using this for a couple of years now but haven't posted about it and just like the cleanser it is quite light. I find nothing worse than a heavy moisturiser that makes you feel like washing your face all over again cause you have a layer of slime left behind! haha maybe thats a little extreme but you know what I mean! This is nice and light and refreshing.

As you can see I have a definite love for arbonne products - they just work for me so well. Once you find something that works it's hard to switch to anything else.
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